Uncover Your Skin's Potential with VISIA Complexion Analysis System at Lougheed Laser Centre


Exhaustive skin solutions are now within reach at Lougheed Laser Centre, situated in Lougheed Town Centre, Burnaby, BC, Canada. Our advanced skincare brings to you the newest and comprehensive VISIA Complexion Analysis System. What's remarkable about this system is that it carries out an in-depth analysis of your skin, identifying potential problems and giving detailed feedback on how to achieve the best possible skin health.

Precise Skin Testing with VISIA Complexion Analysis System

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System employed at Lougheed Laser Centre is built on highly innovative technique and technology.

- *Unbiased Evaluation:* This system ensures objective skin assessments providing consistent and reproducible images of your skin.

- *Intuitive Viewing:* The VISIA Complexion Analysis System offers a clear, detailed, easy to understand overview of your skin condition.

- *Comprehensive Reporting:* The system creates detailed and informative reports tailored specifically to your skin type and the overall condition of your skin.

How the VISIA Complexion Analysis System Works

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System at Lougheed Laser Centre makes use of multi-spectral imaging. Not only does it offer a way to observe and document skin changes, but it also provides the basis for comparing an individual's complexion characteristics to those of a similar age and skin type.

The system analyzes and measures:

- Size and Shape of Pores
- Presence of Blemishes
- Sun-damage spots and Photo Damage
- Appearance of Wrinkles
- Skin Roughness 
- Horrible Melanin distribution and Rosacea
- Harmful Bacterial Content

Our team of skilled aestheticians use this information to develop a personalized and result-oriented skincare treatment for you.

Result-driven Skin Care Treatments

With the in-depth knowledge provided by the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, Lougheed Laser Centre delivers personalized skincare solutions. These solutions suit your individual skincare needs perfectly, aiding in not just the improvement but also the maintenance of your skin health.

An appointment with us means a comprehensive skin examination and personalized skincare treatment. Lougheed Laser Centre located at Burnaby, BC in Canada is here to cater for your every skincare need through detailed skin analysis and tailored remedies, courtesy of the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. Connect with us today to unravel your skin's potential and achieve your perfect complexion.


This breakthrough technology was developed to offer both patients and doctors an accurate and detailed skin analysis. It is designed to provide a detailed look into the underlying layers of skin to better understand and correct flaws on the surface from within. The system works by taking three dimensional images from every angle of skin while separating the color components within your complexion. From these photos, a personalized treatment plan that best benefits you can be created. Through a better understanding of your unique complexion, you can become one step closer to radiant and beautiful skin.


Become one step closer to the skin you desire by gaining an understanding of your unique skin needs. Reach out to the experts here at Lougheed Laser Centre located i both Burnaby and Delta, British Columbia to learn more about the cutting-edge VISIA Complexion Analysis System. Contact us today and schedule your consultation for a radiantly healthy complexion.


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