Abdominal Fat & Love Handles: Effective Solutions at Lougheed Laser Centre

Constructive Measures for Stubborn Belly Fat & Love Handles

In the Lougheed Laser Centre, we appreciate how annoying and self-conscious it can make one feel to struggle with relentless abdominal fat and love handles which refuse to disappear despite efforts invested in diet and exercise. We offer a variety of safe and efficient treatments that directly deal with these particular areas helping clients to finally achieve their body goals.

Comprehensive Treatments: The Solution for Torso-specific Fat Reserves

At our clinic, we provide a myriad of methods tailored to tackle the stubborn fat concentrated on your belly and flanks (love handles). The options include the following:

1. CoolSculpting®: Exclusive non-invasive fat freezing treatment that eliminates fat cells in a specific area by applying controlled cooling.
2. SculpSure®: Advanced laser therapy that causes controlled harm to the fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissues unscathed.
3. Body Contouring: Strategic holistic body reshaping procedure that can effectively help to contour and tone your body.
4. Liposculpture: Progressive treatment technique focused on chiseling and reshaping to improve body contour.
5. Thermage®: A non-invasive advanced technology that uses radiofrequency to tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth.

Enduring Outcomes

Through these treatments, our patients often attain an improved flatter, firmer stomach appearance, and sculpted flanks. We encourage you to join our long list of successful cases.

Personalized Solution

Every individual is unique and comes with a distinct body and associated needs. Pragmatically, our team ensures to analyze each case intricately, thereby aiming for optimal results with treatments personalized to your unique needs.

Book a Consultation Today!

Join us in our journey for creating better body confidence. Connect with us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation. Let’s discuss the most suitable treatment for you to finally combat that obstinate belly fat and love handles. 

Trust us, it’s worth it.


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