Thin Lips & Volume Loss

If one of your parents has thin lips or a very lean face, there’s a good chance that you will too. Regardless of genetics, as we grow older we lose volume in our face (most noticeable in the cheeks) and lips as collagen – the substance that gives our skin a firm, plump look – production slows down. Sun exposure can also damage the collagen causing further volume loss.

A helium balloon is a good analogy for aging skin: at first, it’s round, firm and full. After a period of time, the volume of gas reduces, causing the balloon to droop and decrease in size. Eventually it deflates, forming wrinkles on the surface. The same thing happens to our skin.

Lip Augmentation

Thin lips can be artfully augmented using a facial filler such as Juvederm Fillers provide fullness and definition that you can’t achieve with cosmetics. And if your physician is particularly skilled at volume enhancement, the results will look natural and balanced.

Hyaluronic acid facial fillers like Juvederm are the best option for lip augmentation because they’re specifically designed to quickly and effectively reverse volume loss anywhere on the face. Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance, it’s metabolized by the body over an extended period of time (approximately six months), meaning your lip augmentation isn’t permanent. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable with the change, the effects can be reversed in 24 hours. This is a big bonus compared to lip implants which need to be surgically removed.

Volume Loss in the Face

Aging and weight loss can create sunken cheeks and/or sagging skin that can make you look older than your years. Cheeks, chins and other areas of volume loss in the face respond beautifully to facial filler. Adding volume to the skin will also correct moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. Results are natural-looking, instant, and will last up to six months.

Lougheed Laser’s physicians and registered nurse are highly skilled injectors, having helped many patients with thin lips and volume loss. To book a consultation with Dr. Marcia Fleming or Jennifer Sutherland, RN, please contact us.


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