PRP for Hair Loss

Understanding Hair Loss: 

Many people grapple with thinning hair or hair loss at some point in their lives. Generally, this phenomenon is often a result of aging, genetics, hormonal imbalances, or underlying medical conditions. In the quest to rejuvenate hair growth, a number of treatments are in use today. One of these treatments that has become increasingly popular is PRP therapy, offered at Lougheed Laser Center. 

What is PRP for Hair Loss: 

In the PRP therapy process, a small amount of your blood is collected and subjected to centrifugation to extract the platelet-rich plasma. This plasma, containing vital growth factors, is then injected into areas of your scalp experiencing hair loss. Improved hair growth can be seen as early as a few weeks after treatment. 

Advantages of PRP for Hair Treatment: 

RP hair loss treatment offers several advantages over other types of hair loss treatments. 
  • PRP is entirely natural, using plasma from your own body, thereby reducing the risk of allergic reactions or complications. 
  • PRP is minimally invasive and relatively painless, with no downtime after the procedure. 
  • Positive results can be seen in a short period of time, often within weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRP Hair Loss Treatment: 

We have collated some common queries concerning PRP therapy from potential patients.
  • "How many treatments will I need?" 
The number of treatments depends on the extent of the hair loss and individual patient response. However, many patients start to see improvement after just a few sessions.
  • "Is PRP treatment painful?" 
Although the procedure involves injections, patients usually report feeling only minor discomfort. Topical anesthesia can be applied to further increase patient comfort. 

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