Skin Revitalization at Lougheed Laser Centre


Step into Lougheed Laser Centre, your therapeutic destination for comprehensive skincare treatments. With high regard, we introduce our sophisticated photodynamic therapy - an avant-garde treatment modality designed to address diverse skin ailments effectively.

Decoding Photodynamic Therapy:

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) represents the perfect merger of advanced technology and deep skincare that transcends conventional methods. At Lougheed Laser Centre, we employ this cutting-edge technology using light energy and photosensitive drugs to interactively combat skin troubles.

Process of Photodynamic Therapy:

The Photodynamic Therapy at our facility initiates with the application of a photosensitive compound that easily permeates your skin layers. The treatment ensues with a calculated emission of particular light wavelengths, stimulating the photosensitive drug to actively target and rectify skin abnormalities.

Applications of our Photodynamic Therapy:

1. Acne Management: Our treatment technique powerfully combats severe acne that is insusceptible to usual skincare ointments.

2. Rosacea Reduction: Our advanced therapy has demonstrative efficacy in mitigating the symptoms of rosacea.

3. Sun-Damage Correction: Avail of our therapy to significantly diminish the effects of sun damage on your skin.

4. Treats Pre-Cancerous Growths: Our PDT is instrumental in countering pre-cancerous growths, thus obviating potential skin cancer progression. 

5. Evens Skin Tones: If diversified skin tones trouble you, our Photodynamic Therapy promises to be the ultimate remedy.

What to Expect with Photodynamic Therapy?

Every PDT procedure at the Lougheed Laser Centre begins with a comprehensive consultation to comprehend your underlying skin condition and specific treatment needs. Our practiced team effectively conducts the therapy, ensuring a minimal side effects portfolio.

Our Pioneering Technology:

Lougheed Laser Centre prides itself on integrating cutting-edge technology into its clinical practice. By coupling technical advancements with individualized care, we ensure an unparalleled photodynamic therapy experience.

Request a Consultation:

Commence your journey towards advanced skincare at Lougheed Laser Centre. Schedule your Photodynamic Therapy consultation with us today for glowing, healthy skin in the long term.


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