Enlarged Pores

Pores are microscopic openings to hair follicles, oil glands and sweat glands. Pores play important roles such as allowing perspiration out to cool the skin and releasing oil to protect the surface of the skin.

Sometimes, pores become enlarged so that they are more visible. If not properly taken care of, large pores can become clogged pores. Dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria get trapped, potentially causing pimples and/or blackheads to form, making the pores look even larger.

Causes of Enlarged Pores

The most common reason behind enlarged pores is genetics. It’s nothing you did or didn’t do –  you were just born with them. People with oily skin tend to have large pores that secrete excess oil (sebum). And as noted above, if pores get clogged, they have the tendency to look even larger.

In aging skin, enlarged pores are typically the result of sun damage. The sun’s ultraviolet light damages the collagen that ‘plumps’ your skin. Without the firming effect of collagen, pores may lose their elasticity and become dilated. The American Academy of Dermatologists estimates that sun damage is responsible for 80 percent of all cases of enlarged pores.

Enlarged Pores Treatment

While you cannot eliminate large pores, there are several ways to make them less visible. Preventing clogged pores through proper skin cleansing is the first step to minimizing pore size. Clarisonic skin care makes this task easy and fast to do at home. Regular use of sunscreen will help you avoid additional enlarged pores.

At our skin care centre we use microdermabrasion, Fraxel Laser and IPL Photorejuvenation to reduce pore size. The latter two treatments are more successful in stimulating the collagen in your skin to improve the appearance of your pores.

You may also use cosmetics to minimize enlarged pores. Just make sure the product is completely free of oils and preferably mineral-based. We recommend medical grade skin care to our clients. Mineral makeup will allow your skin to breathe and doesn’t promote bacterial growth in your pores. Plus, the minerals have great reflective and light absorbing properties to help protect the skin from further sun damage.

If you have questions about enlarged pores treatment, or would like to book a consultation with one of our physicians, please contact us.


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